Kabir is a boundary breaking, innovative visionary with an inimitable thirst for innovating the status quo

His success has earned him recognition as one of the most powerful Indians throughout the Persian Gulf regions.

Kabir’s contributions to the business and investment industry have been nothing short of impressive.

Philanthropic Titan

Dedicated to improving the redistribution of wealth and the living experiences of others

Built A Brand Valued at over $2 billion

A successful founder with a dedication for excellence

Chairman and Founder of FIVE

At the helm of revolutionary luxury lifestyle brand

About Kabir Mulchandani

About Kabir Mulchandani

Born in India and raised in Mumbai, Kabir Mulchandani is not only an illustrious businessman and entrepreneur but also a philanthropic titan.

Currently residing in Dubai, he serves as the Chairman and Founder of FIVE, a multi-industry organisation that focuses on real estate and hospitality investments.

Kabir is the self-made entrepreneur behind the iconic FIVE Hotel and Resorts brand, best known for FIVE Jumeirah Village (the most reviewed hotel on booking.com in the world), Instafamous, FIVE Palm Jumeirah, Switzerland’s ultimate dining and nightlife destination, FIVE Zurich and the newest jewel in the crown FIVE LUXE, JBR. The FIVE portfolio has extended beyond real estate to the creation of a music label with FIVE Music and an innovative travel experience via Fly FIVE.

His unparalleled vision, ability to identify promising opportunities and impeccable leadership skills have enabled him to create value and bring positive change not only for his own companies, but for the industry as a whole. Under his stewardship FIVE has won over 150 awards across hotels, venues, experiences and people. In 2022, FIVE was awarded the ‘Most Innovative Company of the Year’ by Fast Company ME and FIVE Hotels and Resorts captured the coveted 10th place on the Great Workplaces in the UAE 2023 list of Large Sized Organisations in the region. Great Place to Work® is the global authority on workplace culture, which leads the industry with the most rigorous, data-based model for quantifying employee experience: The Great Place to Work Trust Model™. Since 1992, Great Place to Work has surveyed more than 100 million employees around the world and used those deep insights to define what makes a great workplace: trust. However, his commitment to the industry does not end there, he is also keen on sustainability and has set the standard with his focus on maintaining a 100% LEED Platinum portfolio as it presents the latest energy efficient and renewable technologies to sustainably service the needs of a luxury hotel.

With an impressive investment portfolio that covers multiple industries, Kabir’s achievements have been featured on Arabian Business’ ‘Dubai 100’, which reveals his #12 position on the top 100 Most Influential people in Dubai List for 2023 as well as his #8 rank in the publications’ Indian Aces 2023 List, which features 50 of the Most Powerful Indians in the Middle East.

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Passion and Commitment to Excellence

Amidst his meteoric success as a global disruptor, Kabir Mulchandani maintains a conviction to commit himself to ethical and globally engaged action. He is passionate about giving back to his community and empowering others through philanthropy. He is an advocate for education and his passion also extends to providing access to necessities and life-transforming surgeries for less fortunate communities in India and within his own FIVE Tribe through the FIVE Care’s employee medical relief program.

Kabir is a true leader in the business and investment industry, and his commitment to helping others has made him an inspirational figure around the world. His dedication to creating value and making a positive impact on society makes him one of the most admired businessmen in India and the Middle East. As a pioneering entrepreneur he has focused on the challenge of ensuring that FIVE continues to trailblaze sustainability without compromise on luxury living, whilst also building a unique ‘Vible’ (Vibe Bible) for the brand which encompasses the focus on luxury lifestyle embedded within an immersive entertainment experience. This sharp attention to detail has been key to his stratospheric success.

As he continues the journey of building FIVE, creating infinite value and leaving an indelible mark on the industry, we invite you to explore this website further and get to know more about hospitality led real estate development with Kabir Mulchandani.

FIVE: Dubai’s Future of Luxury Living Accommodations and Hospitality

At FIVE, Kabir Mulchandani leads a talented team of professionals in their mission to deliver maximum value for all of their stakeholders – partners, clients, employees and investors alike. The company has created a portfolio of prestigious real estate projects including FIVE Palm Jumeirah, FIVE Jumeirah Village, FIVE Zurich and FIVE LUXE, JBR (which launches in Q4 of 2023).

Each of these projects has a unique story and serves to highlight the company’s commitment to excellence. With a focus on luxury, sustainability, and quality living, FIVE has quickly become one of the most respected real estate investment firms in the region.

Kabir’s vision is to build an industry-leading hospitality brand that promotes opulent living experiences for its clients, with a focus on sustainability without compromise. He believes in the power of collaboration between individuals and businesses and has established strategic partnerships with other leading brands around the world to create ‘Fly FIVE’ and ‘FIVE Music’. To read more about Kabir’s journey in business head on over to the Entrepreneur page.

At FIVE, Kabir Mulchandani seeks to create a platform for individuals and businesses to collaborate and make their dreams come true. This is made possible through their cutting-edge hospitality services, which offer the utmost in luxury experiences at every turn.

Kabir Mulchandani has certainly led the way in redefining global business practices and transforming FIVE into a trailblazing powerhouse of the industry.

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