Billionaire Businessman Speaker

If you are looking for a speaker for your upcoming conference or seminar, someone with real presence and a peerless track record of business success spanning several continents who will leave your guests informed and inspired, billionaire entrepreneur Kabir Mulchandani should be at the top of your list. 

Kabir, a native of Mumbai, India, was born with business in his blood. One of the first projects after graduating Stanford University (alma mater of Elon Musk, US President John F. Kennedy and Tiger Woods) was to work his marketing magic on his mother’s consumer electronics business. In short order, he transformed it from a modest local success into a nationwide behemoth and was dubbed “Mumbai’s Marketer” by the Indian press.

When Kabir Mulchandani Speaks, People Listen

When you enlist Kabir Mulchandani to speak at your next event you will instantly enhance the credibility and visibility of that event. Kabir is a man of exceptional vision and when he speaks, the smart people in the room listen intently.

After conquering the Indian electronics market he moved to Dubai and began to amass his real estate empire through a series of savvy acquisitions. He then shifted his focus to the development sphere, a move that would allow him to make his mark on the global stage with the dazzling FIVE Palm Jumeirah Hotel and the 59-storey FIVE Jumeirah Village Hotel, developments that redefined luxury living in Dubai. 

Never one to rest on his laurels he soon set his sights on the European luxury market and opened the breathtaking FIVE Zurich. And as if that were not enough he then partnered with Warner Music Group to create FIVE Music, an expression of his ethos that the luxury lifestyle is a 360° experience.

What Makes Kabir Mulchandani Such an Effective Speaker?

An effective speaker does more than simply wade to the podium and recite a few pages of statistics. They inspire, they educate, they provide insight into and perspective on the subject at hand. When Kabir takes the stage people instinctively understand they are about to experience something special, and they are not disappointed.

So what is it that makes billionaire businessman Kabir Mulchandani such an effective speaker?

  • He exudes a seasoned confidence that immediately puts the audience at ease. 
  • He knows how to shape a narrative in a way that takes the audience on a journey of discovery.
  • He draws from his own extensive experience to illustrate his points.
  • He is able to make those points in a clear, easy-to-understand manner.
  • Like all the best public speakers he’s not above using a bit of self-deprecating humour to lighten the mood.
  • He understands the roadblocks people face when trying to make their vision reality.
  • He emphasizes that success is a two-way street and stresses the importance of giving back.

Hire Kabir to Speak at Your Next Event

If you want to ensure your next event is an overwhelming success enlist Kabir Mulchandani to be your keynote speaker. Get in touch with Kabir’s booking agent by using the form on the Contact Page of his website: