In a recent Instagram reel, entrepreneur Kabir Mulchandani shared insights into his investment philosophy, shedding light on the principles guiding his financial decisions. “Decisions define destinies,” Mulchandani began, emphasizing the profound impact choices can have on future outcomes.

Mulchandani, known for his sharp business acumen, discussed his commitment to investing predominantly in his brand, FIVE, a choice he describes not just as strategic, but as a testament to his belief in its potential for growth and impact. With an impressive 95% of his net worth invested in his own brand, his approach underscores a deep-seated confidence in his ability to steer his enterprise toward unprecedented success.

However, Mulchandani’s investment strategy isn’t limited to his business alone. He maintains a balanced perspective through diversification, a key element in managing investment risks and opportunities. He revealed significant placements in high-growth potential indexes, particularly those in the robust economies of the US and India. “I like to invest in what I am in control of and where I can execute my vision,” he stated, clarifying his focus on being hands-on with his brand while still recognizing the value of external investment opportunities.

The entrepreneur elaborated on his passive investment strategies, noting his involvement in ETFs like the S&P 500 and India’s NIFTY index. By investing in these indexes, Mulchandani takes a broad view, betting on the countries’ overall growth prospects. “When you invest in an index, you are investing in a country and its people,” he explained, providing a glimpse into his rationale for allocating about 60-65% of his investments in the US and 30-35% in India.

Kabir Mulchandani’s dual approach—focusing intensely on nurturing his own brand while strategically investing in global indexes—offers a valuable lesson in balancing direct involvement with broader market exposure. His strategy is not just about seeking returns but about making a commitment to his vision and legacy.

The reel ends with a question that prompts further reflection: “Do you see the value in investing in your own brand?” It’s a query that invites his audience to consider their own investment choices in light of their personal and professional goals.