Unlocking the Secrets of FIVE Holdings’ ‘Sustainable Indulgence’

Sustainable indulgence. It sounds like a misnomer. After all, indulgence by its very nature suggests excess, and what level of excess can one engage in that is even remotely sustainable? Enter FIVE Holdings and their visionary founder and chairman Kabir Mulchandani. Mr. Mulchandani, you see, has never ascribed to the notion that indulgence need be destructive or a product of imbalance. To him, indulgence can be as seemingly excessive as you would want it to be, as long as it is based on sound choices. We’ll explain.

Yes, Guests Do Care About Sustainability

One of the things you hear a lot is that, while sustainability might be a noble cause, embracing it will mean ruin for your hospitality company. For Kabir Mulchandani and the team at FIVE Holdings, nothing could be further from the truth. The team at FIVE know that getting guests to embrace sustainability is a combination of presentation and education. Once you build awareness in your guests and they see that sustainable indulgence is more than a clever marketing term, you’ve created allies.

Engineering Sustainable Indulgence

The secret to tapping into the well of interest in sustainability is to not to be preachy or try to shame anyone into it. For example: instead of putting up signs stating that improperly disposing of PET plastics is punishable by X fine, FIVE guests can scan their in-room glass water bottle with their smartphone and read about our efforts to eliminate millions of PET bottles per year across our luxury properties.

When it comes to food wastage, we conduct thorough data analysis that helps our chef’s determine exactly how much of each product they need and when, which reduces food waste at every point along the value chain. We are also pioneering the use of innovative composting technologies that enable us to put what waste there is to purposeful use in our landscaping or by converting it to energy.

Yes, An Airline Can Embrace Sustainability

Hospitality disruptor FIVE Holdings have expanded their notion of sustainable indulgence to include the newly launched Fly FIVE. With Fly FIVE the company invite guests to experience a new level of airborne indulgence featuring world-class dining and entertainment aboard custom-fitted Airbus ACJ TwentyTwos, one of the most technologically advanced aircraft in the world today.

What separates FIVE’s bespoke airline experience from the pack is the company’s commitment to completely offset Fly FIVE’s annual emissions through the purchase of Nature Based Carbon Credits, which finance the reforestation of the world’s rainforests. It’s a bold move and yet one more example of how FIVE is reimagining indulgence by viewing it through the prism of sustainability.

Sustainable Indulgence: More Than a Catchphrase

To Kabir Mulchandani and his team at FIVE Holdings, sustainable indulgence is more than a clever catchphrase, it encapsulates their innovative way of approaching the value proposition. From mitigating food waste to eliminating plastic waste and offsetting airline emissions by replanting the world’s rainforests FIVE demonstrate time and again that luxury and environmental responsibility are not mutually exclusive terms.