Sustainable Finance: The Role of Visionaries and Institutions

Sustainable finance is an idea whose time has come, but it doesn’t just happen by itself. It must be championed by visionaries and institutions who understand the strengths and weaknesses of the legacy system and are committed to finding a better way.

What is Sustainable Finance?

The term “sustainable finance” refers to the practice of taking ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) principles into consideration when making investment decisions. Doing so promotes and nurtures more sustainable economic activity, activity that benefits a broad spectrum of players and not just the few at the top who traditionally monopolize economic opportunity.

In Dubai, real estate mogul Kabir Mulchandani has established himself as a leader in bringing attention to and demonstrating the benefits of the sustainable finance model. Every aspect of his multifaceted enterprise is steeped in the principles of sustainability and reflected in his commitment to what he refers to as “sustainable luxury”.

Demonstrating the Power of Sustainable Finance

FIVE Holdings are positive proof of the power of sustainable finance and how a visionary leader can transform this ideal into breathtaking real-world developments. Here are just a few of Mulchandani’s most high-profile developments that have transformed the Dubai skyline.

FIVE Palm Jumeirah

FIVE Palm Jumeirah embodies everything FIVE Holdings, and by extension, Kabir Mulchandani, believes in and represents: cutting-edge design, prime location, sustainable materials, innovative engineering and quality employment opportunities all buttressed and brought to life using sustainable finance.

FIVE Jumeirah Village

The 60-storey, 800-foot FIVE Jumeirah Village is a soaring testament to innovative design and sustainability. Forbes have called it a “futuristic” property with a “stunning design” and that it “dramatically changes the skyline of Dubai”. FIVE Jumeirah Village has received more than 2-dozen awards and has a mind-bending efficiency rating of 142%.


FIVE Luxe represents a quantum leap forward in design and luxury for the Dubai waterfront. At 258 meters (850 feet) it is one of the tallest structure on the waterfront and with its beautifully realised design it sets a new standard in luxury the rest of the Dubai hospitality market is now rushing to catch up to. Rising gracefully  in the Gulf, the building is crafted from sustainable materials, features energy-efficient amenities and is another example of sustainable financing in action.

The Proof is in the Result

For years Kabir Mulchandani has been championing the principle of sustainable finance. He has moved forward in a bold and confident manner demonstrating that the idea not only works but that it can be applied to even the largest, most high-profile projects with great success.

The impact FIVE has had on the Dubai skyline and hospitality industry has been profound. Other players have watched Kabir and his team take what many considered a quaint idea and employ it in a way that blows them out of the water and sets a new benchmark for their ESG efforts to aspire to.