Who Owns Pacha Group?

Pancha is a well-known entertainment and lifestyle brand that franchises clubs in Spain, Brazil, the US, Russia, the UK, Germany, Austria and Portugal. The company opened its first club in Sitges on the Mediterranean coast just south of Barcelona in 1967 and quickly expanded to other Spanish cities including Bilbao, Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. The company is probably best known amongst the club set for Pacha, Ibiza which opened in 1973 and helped put the brand on the leisure lifestyle map.

Origins and Ownership

The Pacha brand can trace its origins to one Ricardo Urgell who founded a water-skiing school on the beach at Sitges followed by a bar he called “Tito’s”. That club was rebranded Pacha after a remark made by Ricardo’s first wife who predicted he’d make so much money that he’d be able to live like a Pacha, or Ottoman Prince.

In 2017 Trilantic Europe purchased the Pacha Group for a tidy €320 million. They quickly implemented a plan to expand the Pacha brand into the lifestyle amenities space with the establishment of Pacha Recordings and Pacha Multimedia. In mid-2023 Trilantic announced that Dubai Based FIVE Holdings had purchased a €320 million stake in the company.

Henceforth Pacha Group would be split into separate business entities with billionaire developer and lifestyle entrepreneur Kabir Mulchandani’s FIVE Holdings managing the hotel and nightclub arm of Pacha Group – including the company’s flagship venues in Ibiza – and Trilantic Europe managing the company’s Lío entertainment brand with its cabaret shows and fine dining.

Synergy on a Global Scale

In many ways, the partnership with Mulchandani makes perfect sense. Both companies understand how to run premium lifestyle destinations and Mulchandani can take what he’s learned cultivating the success of his own FIVE Music and use it to optimise public exposure to Pacha Music.

In a lovely bit of high-end synergy, Trilantic will not only continue to manage the company’s highly successful established locations in Mallorca and Mykonos, they will also open a Lío club in Dubai that will be located within FIVE’s brand new ultra-luxurious FIVE LUXE Hotel. Some reports have the new club occupying more than 30,000 square feet of space in FIVE LUXE. Trilantic also plan on opening new Lío locations in Las Vegas and Miami.

The partnership of Trilantic and FIVE Holdings promises a bright future. Just last year Pacha Group concluded its most successful year ever with revenues increasing more than 40% over pre-pandemic levels and FIVE Holdings riding a wave of positive press to bring their unique approach to ultra-luxury to the Swiss hospitality market.

Pacha Group also plans to use part of the proceeds of the FIVE buy-in to repay an €18 million loan it secured from the Spanish government during the pandemic, which it used to weather the economic storm created by that unprecedented event.


The future of the Pacha Group looks brighter than ever now that Group owners Trilantic have secured a financial and logistical partnership with billionaire Kabir Mulchandani’s Dubai-based FIVE Holdings. We can’t wait to see what comes of this timely partnership.