• Award Winning & Press Worthy

Award Winning

Since 2015, Kabir Mulchandani and FIVE Hotels & Resorts have won over 150 awards for people, places and experiences.

There is no surprise that Kabir and FIVE’s industry achievements have been recognised as FIVE continually strives to serve consumers with unique, unforgettable experiences that solidify their brand position. FIVE’s emphasis on creating great, sustainable places to work hasn’t gone unnoticed.

From 2016, when FIVE Jumeirah Village was named Best International New Hotel Construction & Design at the International Property Awards. To Chairman and Group CEO Kabir Mulchandani being awarded Philanthropy CEO of the Year at the CEO Middle East Awards. The Penthouse won Best Rooftop Bar at the FACT Dining Awards Dubai in 2020, while FIVE Palm Jumeirah was named Favourite Beach Hotel at the Condé Nast Traveller Middle East Reader’s Choice Awards in 2021. FIVE also earned recognition as the 6th place for UAE Best Places to Work – Happiest Employee at the Great Places to Work in 2022. To most recent accolades with

It is evident that Kabir has built a culture of excellence that continues to be the thread that runs through the organisation.

Forbes Monaco cover - Kabir Mulchandani(1)

Press Worthy

As a successfully disruptive group with multiple accolades – everyone is talking about FIVE and Kabir Mulchandani.

As the visionary behind the brand Kabir is often quoted for his ability to evolve the brand direction. FIVE have made an impact on hotel, hospitality, celebrity and influencer culture since its inception and because of that has been mentioned in the press frequently.

FIVE have been featured in or been the topic of over 200 articles online for a wide manner of topics not limited to their impact on nightlife, visiting celebrity guests, staff culture i.e. the FIVE TRIBE, leadership interviews, reviews of their luxury rooms and reviews of their food and beverage offerings.

From Harpers Bazaar Arabia naming FIVE Palm as one of the ‘Best Staycations’ in the UAE, To Bloomberg naming FIVE ‘One of the Hotels in the Middle East that Demands A Visit’, To being named by ELLE magazine as the ‘Top 3 Stays in Zurich’, to the founder of FIVE Hotel and Resorts Kabir Mulchandani being the front cover of Forbes Monaco sharing his story of success.

The plethora of high profile publications speaking about the FIVE from the perspective of hotel, leadership prowess, entertainment, F&B, music, aviation and hospitality are endless.