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Commercial and Residential Spaces With An Eye For The Future

Kabir Mulchandani leads FIVE, a premier real estate development and hospitality group. He and his team use their extensive experience to customise projects, focusing on developing commercial and residential spaces with an eye for the future. His journey into real estate in Dubai in 2004 led him to the realisation that it would be beneficial to unite real estate with hospitality which led to the concept of FIVE.

Kabir is passionate about taking sustainability and climate-conscious materials into consideration when creating buildings, to ensure that they serve both current and future generations. No matter the project size or location, FIVE strives for excellence and works to build long-lasting relationships with its clients.

With a keen understanding of the industry, Kabir Mulchandani has been able to create successful partnerships that have resulted in some of the most innovative real estate developments around. He and his team work hard to combine modern technology with classic building practices so that they can provide the best possible service.

FIVE is a leader in the real estate development industry, offering creative solutions and exemplary customer service to all their clients. They understand that success is built on relationships and have dedicated themselves to providing the highest quality product possible. Whether it’s developing a new residential, entertainment, or office space, FIVE has the expertise and knowledge to make it a success.

No matter the project, with their dedication to excellence, Kabir Mulchandani and his team have the experience and resources to bring a vision to life.

FIVE Developments

With four unique developments FIVE has solidified its position in the market, with GOOGLE and BCG concluding that FIVE is significantly more digitally mature than the hospitality industry norm, with a score of 3.7 out of 4. The FIVE hotel and resorts brand is 510% more googled than other comparable luxury hotel brands.

Here is a little look at what makes FIVE the brand of today, and tomorrow.

FIVE Palm Jumeirah

  • Completed in 2016, this venue boasts 697 units, 17 bars, cafes, restaurants and nightclubs.
  • 91.4% occupancy rate
  • Gross Development Value $1.08bn
  • LEED Platinum award for Healthy, Efficient, Carbon and Cost Saving Green Buildings
  • SPIRE 3 Star Award for Smart Building Performance, Life and Property Safety, Holistic Sustainability
  • 3 clear sources of income; Condo Hotel, Hospitality and Residential

FIVE Jumeirah Village 

  • Completed in 2019, this venue boasts 501 units. 9 bars, cafe, restaurants and nightclubs.
  • The most reviewed hotel in the world on booking.com
  • 94.4% occupancy rate
  • Gross Development Value $407mn
  • LEED Platinum award for Healthy, Efficient, Carbon and Cost Saving Green Buildings
  • SPIRE 3 Star Award for Smart Building Performance, Life and Property Safety, Holistic Sustainability
  • 2 clear sources of income; Condo Hotel and Hospitality

FIVE Zurich

  • Completed in 2022, this venue boasts 149 units, 8 experiential outlets.
  • Gross Development Value $160mn
  • 2 clear sources of income; Condo Hotel and Hospitality
  • LEED Platinum award for Healthy, Efficient, Carbon and Cost Saving Green Buildings – first and only in Switzerland


  • Due to be completed in 2023, this venue boasts 499 units, 7 bars and restaurants.
  • Gross Development Value $1.06bn
  • Built to achieve LEED Platinum certification and meeting standard for Healthy, Efficient, Carbon and Cost Saving Green Buildings
  • 4 clear sources of income; Condo Hotel, Hospitality, FIVE LUXE Residences and Sensoria Tower.

Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Customers are core to Kabir’s purpose and strategic priorities. He strives to work with the FIVE management team to keep developmental goals aligned with the evolving needs of the brand.

Kabir Mulchandani built a concept that enabled investors to benefit from astonishing annualised returns of 7.5-8.5%. From inception to 2022, FIVE has managed over 400 different investors and paid around AED 400 million as rental income to its investors. PWC conducted a report which found ‘management have been able to effectively leverage learnings from each hotel which has enabled an effective and efficient business model for each asset. By bringing new and innovative offerings to the market, management have stayed ahead of the competition and the group continues to be a destination of choice for the core millennial market”.

Pioneering Model

As a business visionary, Kabir Mulchandani has kept his shareholders in strong focus and he recognises that their support is essential to deliver a strong and consistent performance. His strategic overview has ensured that FIVE has delivered 77X in 11 years. A dividend of AED616 million has been paid out in the last 11 years.

Kabir and his team have developed a revolutionary financing system in the hotel industry. After the construction of both FIVE Jumeirah Village and FIVE Palm Jumeirah, individual hotel rooms were sold to third-party investors and then FIVE took out a long-term 30-year lease on them. This means that while FIVE operates the rooms, investors can collect healthy returns, with 40% of the revenue distributed back to each room owner. Dubai has a huge hospitality and hotel industry, and this pioneering method has allowed many investors the chance to be involved in the industry with a much lower barrier to entry.

In addition to the opportunity to invest in the ‘condo hotel’ model, other investors were also given the opportunity to purchase apartments from the residential portion of the developments at FIVE Palm Jumeirah and FIVE LUXE.

This pioneering model created by Kabir Mulchandani is a unique way to finance and establish a hotel and it has ensured that the FIVE brand has maintained a high EBITDA and TREVPAR (total revenue per available room) of 2.3x more than the competition.  Even during the pandemic, FIVE continued to see growth whilst operating in one of the most competitive hotel markets in the world, thanks to Kabir’s innovative family focused leadership style.

The owner run model, has ensured that FIVE continues to maintain its ethos as a lifestyle destination focussed on building experiences that create memories that will last a lifetime. Kabir has created a culture that ensures clear market differentiation providing experience, memories and engagement.

Now, Mulchandani is overseeing the latest corporate evolution of FIVE with the development of a robust governance framework in line with international good practice and UK corporate governance code. Encompassing the entire business within its scope, FIVE’s governance model takes the best of its founder-run, family-style approach and now aligns it with a global standard of excellence inclusive of extensive policies, procedures and committees stretching from a balanced board down. This latest journey is sure to widen FIVE’s potential as a business and will only bolster its existing programs cultivating a healthy, secure and balanced company environment.

FIVE and Kabir Mulchandani are the epitome of uncompromising traditional values with the luxury of non-conventional experiences.

For more information on investment opportunities and the unique model visit https://www.fiveglobalholdings.com/