• Brand Evolution

Brand Evolution

The FIVE brand that Kabir has created is synonymous with first class entertainment experiences from world class nightclubs, celebrity performances and album launches. Kabir’s uncompromising attitude to offering his stakeholders the very best doesn’t stop at great rooms and culinary delights. Kabir has curated a culture with music at its core, 360-degree customer service and an ‘everything under one roof’ style of hospitality. FIVE has truly established itself as the ultimate lifestyle and party destination in Dubai. Having hosted thousands of events and hundreds of top DJs, FIVE has welcomed almost 5 million guests hailing from almost every country in the world. The brand is characterised by a robust weekly events calendar across the property portfolio with signature events such as ‘Bohemia’, ‘Naughty Noodles’, ‘Secret Ladies Day’ and ‘Bling’ to name a few. This schedule is enriched by a plethora of well renowned artists and world famous DJs like Lost Frequencies, Fatman Scoop, Mark Knight and Calum Scott. Making the FIVE family a home for a range of celebrities from all around the world including Davido, Arturo Vidal, KSI, Floyd Mayweather, Tyson Fury etc.

FIVE Music

A natural progression for a brand so well regarded for entertainment is FIVE Music, which is aimed at delivering the ultimate experience for music fans.

The ability to produce and release hand-crafted FIVE-star tunes from superstar DJs captures the energy of the Vibe at FIVE. FIVE continually build lasting relationships with global and local musicians by providing best-in-class spaces, like The Penthouse, for performances.  Kabir Mulchandani and his co-founding member (and CEO) Aloki Batra are the driving force behind the Musical DNA at FIVE. They utilise cutting-edge experiential software to provide a high quality and vibrant experience across the brand coupled with world-famous artists – it’s a winning combination!


As a frequent traveller, Kabir wanted to bring the energy of FIVE hospitality and commit it to the air by providing a ‘best in sky-high travel’ experience with the Fly FIVE business and entertainment jet. Fly FIVE provides clients with the opportunity to relax and reinvigorate in an opulent environment thousands of miles from anything else. The 16-seater jet is the perfect way to provide guests with in-air luxury. It is the pinnacle of air travel for those looking for a glamorous getaway or an unforgettable music experience.

This one of a king space is FIVE Hotel and Resorts newest home in the sky, including

  • 12 hour non stop travel time
  • Dining table for 8 people
  • Master suite with king size bed
  • Full LED lighting
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • High speed connectivity
  • Ultra Large 55 inch screens
  • Seamless service
  • Unrivalled immersive 360 experience

Carbon Offset Travel

Keeping with Kabir’s eco-conscious ethos, Fly FIVE has already offset 600 hours of flight-time under the Carbon Offset Service (COS) label, the world’s leader in carbon credit transparency. By supporting the Rimba Raya Biodiversity Project, Come Play Fly has taken stake in the protection of Borneo’s Tanjung Putting National Park, including its endangered biodiversity, local communities, and carbon sequestration potential. The Rimba Raya Biodiversity project is the largest REDD+ project in the world, triple gold certified under the Climate Community and Biodiversity  (CCB) standards, and certified by Verra’s Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). Holistic in its climate action, it satisfies all 17 UN SDG’s as per the SD Vista Standard and through its 3rd party certifications ensures accountability and material impact in its environmental, social and economic scope.

To learn more about Fly Five please click here.

As you can see, with FIVE Global Holdings, Kabir has built a brand that has something for everyone. Whether it’s contemporary elegance at FIVE Palm Jumeirah or luxurious hospitality in Zurich or the musical creativity with FIVE Music and a once-in-a-lifetime journey on Fly FIVE, Kabir Mulchandani has left no stone unturned and there is much more to come.

However, his entrepreneurial pursuits do not end there. As someone who is focussed on leaving the world a better place, Kabir continually uses his power and wealth for good via his philanthropic pursuits and vision for the future of sustainable real estate.