• Sustainability Champion

Visionary Sustainability Advocate, with Net Zero Ambitions and Community-Centred Approach

Kabir Mulchandani is committed to pushing the boundaries of sustainability-driven operational efficiency by advocating for a zero-carbon future. On the project development front, Kabir is developing the Net Zero Energy Plug and Play concept whose applications break beyond a single industry in its ‘Build-Tech’ adaptability to residential and hotel applications.

The innovative project takes structural inspiration from FIVE Jumeirah Village Hotel in Dubai, demonstrating the evolutionary process of Mulchandani’s vision and legacy. Now, the project brings his copyrighted and skyline-defining design to the next level by implementing unprecedented renewable and climate-conscious technology into every dimension of the luxury tower.  Fully clad with solar technologies, irrigated with sophisticated water repurposing systems, and adorned with cooling vertical gardens and health-focused appliances, the Net Zero Energy tower pioneers a functional and aesthetic marriage of sustainable building design with people and climate at the core of its consciousness.

Within FIVE’s existing hospitality operations, the company is taking an active role in cultivating Sustainability Champions, understanding that the heart of climate action rests in an empowered culture provided with the platform to contribute positive change. A passionate proponent of equity and entrepreneurship, Mulchandani is inspiring FIVE’s colleagues to take a central role in shaping FIVE’s sustainability story and carbon footprint reduction strategy.  His actions extends towards social engagement through his focus on expanding FIVE’s internal and ecommunity consciousness programs, promoting wellbeing initiatives, volunteering, circular economy synergies, and charitable giving.

It’s clear that FIVE and Kabir are aligned in their vision for a more sustainable future, and together they will continue to lead the way by creating innovative solutions that have climate and community consciousness intertwined in their delivery of impact.

Substance in his Sustainability Conviction

It is rare to find a globally-disrupting entrepreneur as skilled in business as Kabir Mulchandani and yet as grounded in his commitment to affecting tangible progress within climate and community action. A figure of noble virtue and approachable compassion, Mulchandani pushes FIVE to break boundaries in business and environmental impact mitigation, modelling the highest aspiration of Sustainable Development.

Kabir’s desire to provide a luxurious experience that also services an eco-conscious millennial customer led to FIVE being one of the first brands in the UAE to acquire a Tesla fleet for guest transportation, but it hardly stopped there.

Under Mulchandani, FIVE’s Initiatives Include:

  • 1 million plastic bottles eliminated per hotel per year through glass bottling
  • 87,447 single-use plastics replaced with bamboo room amenities such as toothbrushes and combs
  • 264,000 plastic straws diverted from landfill by adopting biodegradable equivalents
  • 43,438 plastic mini bottles replaced by incorporating refillable dispensers
  • By offering an extended laundry option, we have cut down water usage for washing linens by 50% and doubled the linen lifetime
  • We use repurposed water to irrigate our verdant landscaping, collecting grey water and pumping it back into the hotel for plant use.
  • We source regionally grown produce for our kitchens and cultivate our own herb gardens
  •   Our FIVE Tribe includes people from 69 nationalities around the world.

These actions, reflective of an engaged operational ecosystem guided by smart technologies has achieved the following savings against a 2020 baseline:

  • A 47.8% reduction in carbon use intensity (MtCO2e/AED mn)
  • A 36.5% reduction in water use intensity (Litre/Cover)
  • A 48.8% reduction in energy use intensity (KWh/AED mn)
  • A 35.7% reduction in energy consumption per capita (KWh/Cover)
  • 13.5 million litres of water saved in 2022 (year on year)

With a strategy that permeates every level of the guest experience, Kabir has sought to leave no stone unturned.

Moreover, his dedication to nurturing future leaders and helping them to understand the wider implications of their actions on the environment is something that should be widely applauded.

For this reason, it’s no surprise that FIVE Jumeirah Village and Palm Jumeirah have earned several world-class sustainability awards. One of these is the UL Verified SPIRE Smart Building Assessment 3-star rating which FIVE claims as the first and only hotel group in the world. This next generation sustainability assessment extending beyond environmental management assessed six key elements of a building including power and energy, sustainability, connectivity, cybersecurity, life and property safety, and wellbeing.

This commitment to pushing the boundaries of efficiency and sustainability has enabled FIVE to become one of the few hotel groups across the planet to obtain a 100% LEED Platinum portfolio. Platinum is the highest LEED certification available, assessing a building’s energy and atmosphere, indoor environmental quality, how well different aspects of the building are integrated, how sustainable the materials and resources are, the impact of the natural environment around the project, water efficiency and finally location and transportation. Achieving Platinum status stands as a feat that should be highly commended.

FIVE Luxe is on track to follow in the footsteps of attaining a LEED Platinum certification like its predecessors FIVE Jumeirah Village and Palm Jumeirah and will now include thrilling and cutting-edge technologies promoting carbon reduction.

Net Zero – Sustainability without Compromise

Kabir’s commitment to sustainability through innovation was introduced at Reuters NEXT 2022 in New York City through a brand new copywritten Net Zero Energy Luxury Living concept. This revolutionary technology will revolutionise sustainable living by implementing cutting edge technology in never imagined applications.

FIVE’s Net Zero Energy Project has been spearheaded by Kabir Mulchandani to build infrastructure that combines luxury living with sustainability.

In short, Kabir Mulchandani and FIVE Global Holdings have set an unprecedented standard for sustainable hospitality and residential living. This has resulted in a spark of inspiration within the sector and a call to action to reshape the sector of tomorrow, today.

With their innovative and sustainable solutions, the FIVE brand led by Kabir Mulchandani are sure to remain elite futurists and leaders in this space, grounded in a sustainability of substance and luxury standard.